Entry #1

I'm New At Here

2013-04-30 11:18:58 by EhDancu

Hello My Name is EhDancu and now i'm new at here.so,i'm really proud i have an NG ID.and i'm afraid many people can hack my ID / Account,using twit comment or Private Message with mockery article.and NO MOCKING COMMENTS or Sending me some Private Message with MOCKERY article.but many people creating some awesome animation,games,music / audio,and art,like Shadman,Oney,ZONE - SAMA,and many.but my new setup is really really really SUCK'S!!!!!!.and my computer had install the operating system with XP,but it's not fully installed and i cannot play some video games in my computer and the computer it's says in my monitor is You did not yet install the video card / DirectX 9.i don't know maybe the programmer guy was still not professional.and anyway i'm not in America,Canada,Sweden,Poland,Japan,France,Englan d,United Kingdom.but...i am Indonesian.

And sorry my grammar is suck's


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